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We Seek The Light - Silent Republic

Posted by Shichi , 10 August 2011 · 445 views

Silent Republic have travelled quite far to record this EP. Literally speaking, with singer Mark Crow, guitarist Jules Millership and drummer Dean Cass having moved half-way around the world from the United Kingdom to Perth. We Seek The Light is six tracks of haunting ambient guitars layered with a thick British accent.

There are elements of psychedelia and garage rock in their sound, and technically nothing can be faulted about this EP. Each band member plays their part well, and the EP is mixed well. The songs really want you to like them, and I really wanted to like this EP.

Alas, something is lacking in the song structures and the sound. The opener, Seek, is a good example of what the band is doing right, and their flaws. The song starts off with a catchy eastern-styled riff, which unfortunately quickly wears itself out due to over-repetition and lacklustre vocals. This trend is repeated through the rest of the EP, with songs falling over from either a lack of direction or being repetitious. One late saving grace is Tomahawk, a catchy and fun rock song that for once, doesn't overstay its welcome.

Silent Republic may want to look at adding some more variety in their song structures, and perhaps combining some of their more disparate influences.

-Cissi Tsang

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